Today's Opinions

  • Where is the justice for us?

    To the editor: 

    One question to those who want us to give up our right to bear arms...why do we, the common citizens, have to relinquish our right to protect and defend when those advocating this are surrounded by men and women armed to the hilt to protect them? 

    When President Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and their families give up their secret service protection then they can speak for us.

  • Suggestions for I-75 relief

     To the editor:
       I have been watching the I-75 Relief hearings on The Florida Channel.

     The idea of creating a “transportation corridor” to relieve traffic congestion on I-75 primarily in that section of I-75 from the intersection with the Florida Turnpike on through Alachua County has been the focus with a further sub focus on a better route from Tampa to Jacksonville.

  • Little sleep, but who cares?

     I'm tired. Plain and simple, I'm tired, perhaps even bordering on exhausted. As I write this, I'm sitting at my daughter's dining room table while the lull of the ceiling fan drones in my ear. My grandpup, Iago, is among the lucky – he's catching a nap on the back of the sofa.

  • How can anyone survive so much joy?

    I came late to the Grandmother Party. By the time my 30th high school reunion rolled around, I was one of the few in my entire class who didn't have a grandchild. I was amazed that one of my classmates already had six – at 48 years old. But then again, she did have two sets of twins.

    My youngest child was the first to marry, followed six months later by my oldest child. Only the middle child remains in a content state of solitude.

  • Williston Civic Center ownership should not be a factor

     The news that a community center could become a reality has caused an excitement in Williston  that has been unparalleled in a long time.

    The once-in-a-generation opportunity has taken flight with dreams of a home for the arts, hopes for adult education advancements, visions for youth mentoring programs and a place for our senior adults to gather.

  • Letter to the editor

     To the editor:

    I was recently embarassed when my sister in South Carolina brought to my attention that the city of Williston was planning to build a Veterans' Memorial Monument and I did not even know of it.

  • What do you tell others about your home?


    For someone who doesn't like to drive, I sure do a lot of it.

    That certainly is never my intent, but it's the way it goes – often.

  • Trashy Williston talk


    Five days a week, every week, I set an alarm. At least three of those days, I awaken before it sounds.

    Saturdays are reserved for "no alarm" and are something I treasure. I tell the hubby Friday night, "I get to sleep in tomorrow."