Today's Opinions

  • Christmas then and now

    Christmas will be quiet at Ten Broeck Manor this year. Tom and I will celebrate at home, most likely with just our furry companions, a hot meal and perhaps an adult beverage.

    Next week, after the paper is finished I will head to Georgia to spend Christmas with my children and Tom will venture to his sisters' on the East Coast. Because of his most recent back surgery, he can't travel the almost-eight hours up north so he'll FaceTime with the granddaughters when they open presents.

  • Letter to the editor

    To the editor:

    I've helped organize our city's Veterans Day ceremony for 16 years, and each year it gets bigger and better.

    The planning of such an event is near to impossible for one person to do alone and I couldn't have done it without the help of many people.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the parade from across the county and to the people who lined the streets to say "Thank you" to our nation's veterans.

  • Letter to the editor

    To the editor:

    Orange Hill Cemetery is a beautiful place for our loved ones who are buried there. It is our wish and our desire that we continue to keep and maintain this memorable resting place.

    We are having a bit of a financial challenge that we, as a loving group, must begin to address.

    The source of income (lot sales) is beginning to diminish while the expense of maintenance is continuing to increase. We, as members and family of Orange Hill Cemetery, must now take charge to cover our expenses.

  • I challenge you, Williston

    My first intention was to write an editorial – an opinion from the newspaper's standpoint. I then realized the topic is too personal and I couldn't do it justice in a newspaper editorial.

    That's when I decided to make it my opinion – just mine – that of Carolyn Ten Broeck.

    It's not one of my typical "Slice of Life" pieces about my rather atypical life.

    This is cut and dried and to the point. And it's personal. Deeply personal.

  • Disappointed for our heroes

    Perhaps not since 9/11 has our call to patriotism been louder than it is now in the troubling times we live.

    From taking knees to honoring families of those killed in action, daily we're reminded of what sacrifice and patriotism mean.

    For three weeks, this newspaper promoted a free service to honor our nation's veterans. All anyone had to do was submit a photo and a few words about the veteran for them to be showcased in this edition.

    Sadly, few of you took the opportunity.

  • What's in a name?

    The editor of my first newspaper had been an assistant editor for over 34 years by the time I entered her newsroom.

    Over the course of the four years I worked under her as a reporter, I learned many, many things about life in a small town weekly newspaper. Perhaps the most singlehanded important tidbit has proven tried and true for almost 30 years: don’t get the name wrong.

    “People will forgive you for errors,” she told me, “but it’s hard for them to forgive you when you mess up their name.”

  • Much ado about sleep

    When I tell you I don’t sleep, I am not bragging. Nor am I complaining. I’m just stating a fact. And perhaps looking for some sympathy or justification on why I look so bad.

    I once was a sleeper.

    Decades ago, I could sleep until noon or later any given day of the week. Of course, that was when I really was a night owl and wasn’t getting into bed until the wee hours of the morning.

    That’s all changed now. I can go to sleep at 3 a.m. and in two to three hours, I am wide-eyed and ready to start my day.

  • Letter to the Editor

    To the editor:

    Three days before Richard Spencer’s speech at UF I received an email newsletter from Congressman Ted Yoho.  He seemed more concerned about possible violence by Antifa than by the attempted takeover of the United States government by the Alt right.  You know, the ones that shot at a group of peaceful protestors after the event, and beforehand, were reported to be gathering in Gainesville because “Florida is an open carry state”.  Spencer’s freedom of speech is allowing him to yell “fire” without restrictions.