• Letter to the editor

    To the editor:
    How disappointing. But what else is new with our city council?
    How on earth could you decide to bring in a total stranger as Police Chief for the Williston Police Department?
    Obviously making a common sense decision is beyond this city council’s decision making process. Capt. Clay Connaly [sic] has been serving this city for years and now you slap him and other officers in the face by bringing in a total stranger into the department.

  • Letters to the Editor

    Where are all the prayer warriors?

  • Letter to the editor

    To the editor:
    At the City Council meeting July 19, 2011 Mr. Holloway made a statement to the effect that Eco Sciences was not coming to Williston because the City Council was unprofessional.
     I wonder if he realized he included himself in this statement since after all he is on the Council?

  • Who will speak for those without a voice?

    To the editor:
    National economic crisis.  Global unrest.  High unemployment. Mortgage meltdown.  Natural weather disasters.  We are bombarded with negative information.   Yet, in the midst of the recent tornado outbreaks across the Midwest, you may have seen the story about the family dog swept up in the tornado, only to crawl back home a few days later with two broken back legs.   Now, that’s determination.   And, that dog knew he had a family that loved and cared for him.

  • Residents speak out on Tarmac

     It’s about water

    To the editor:
        Tarmac wins, Levy loses. A few years from now Levy commissioners and planners will be quoting Bill Clinton who when asked about NAFTA said, “It sounded like a pretty good deal at the time.”
    I came from Manatee County 26 years ago. I saw what happened there. Water wells freely flowed for farmers, no pumps, when I was a kid.

  • Smoke alarms save lives

    To the editor:
    Every year, approximately 2,600 Americans die in home fires. Over half of these deaths–52 percent–occur between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., when residents are typically sleeping.
    Smoke and toxic gases from a home fire are as deadly as heat and flames. Just two or three breaths of toxic smoke can render you unconscious. The majority of fire victims die or are injured from exposure to smoke and toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, not actual burns. In addition, smoke obscures vision, decreasing your ability to escape.

  • First time paving is a better idea

    To the editor:
    Recently read that streets in Williston are being repaved because of potholes.  I think it better to pave some unpaved roads first.  I’ll gladly trade our unpaved lime rock road for a paved road with potholes.
    Bob Holmes

  • Projects good for county

    To the editor,
    I have lived in Levy County most of my life, and own and farm 265 acres in south Levy County off Highway 19. If constructed the nuclear power plant, the King Road mine will be my close neighbors. So I believe my say in this is important.
    Levy County is a wonderful place to live. Everyone who comes here wants to stay here and those of us born here don’t want to leave. But right now there’s no work and no opportunity for people to stay here and make a living.

  • Thanks for your support

    To the editor:
    AmVets Post 444 would like to thank everyone who donated and participated in the benefit for the Means’ family. More than $2,000 was raised this past weekend.
    Jim Miller, Commander

  • Tarmac says info wrong

    To the editor:
    With a project the size and scope of the proposed King Road Mine, we at Tarmac have become accustomed to the occasional misstatements of facts about the impact of the mine.  Our goal is to counter these misstatements with verified, proven facts.
    Recently, our detractors have spent considerable time and energy making statements that have no basis in fact. While we respect everyone’s right to an opinion, we must correct those opinions when they are simply not true.