• Questions meaning of councilman's opposition

    To the editor,

      Last week’s newspaper reported, (in the story headlined “Old middle school, new city hall again take lead at council meeting,” page 1) that council member Danny Etheridge said of a proposal “It’s a bad idea. I’m not in favor of taking it for free and selling it.” 

  • Grocery store employee's honesty is impressive

    To the editor :

    I would like to give a young man public thanks.

    When I left the Williston Winn Dixie Wednesday, I left my wallet and smartphone in the cart. By the time I realized it and got back, the cart was there, but no stuff in it. 

    I saw a Winn Dixie employee in the lot and told him what I had done. He said “They are in customer service.”

     I asked “Someone turned them in?” 

  • Local coverage is ample

     To the editor:

    I’d like to thank the Williston Pioneer for providing such a wealth of information about local candidates to help voters make their decisions in the upcoming election.  

    This service is particularly valuable in the aftermath of  last year’s Florida Supreme Court ruling, which found legislative Republicans guilty of violating the state constitution when they illegally  manipulated this district to rig elections in their favor.  

  • Superintendent is appreciative

     To the editor: 

    Aug. 10 was a wonderful start to another great school year in Levy County. The sun was shining, students were excited and teachers were prepared to open the school house doors to 5,500 students.

  • School traffic concerns are real; action needed

    To the editor:

    As the class of WHS graduates heads off to new endeavors, let us consider the future graduates of our growing community. 

    Living in Williston since 1979, I have seen this sleepy rural town grow into a thoroughfare for traffic moving at a rapid clip through our town. 

    My current concern is the issue of CR316 from Alt27 to SR41. Our two newest schools are located on this crossroad. 

  • Category was missing

     To the editor: 

    Enjoyed reading the special section last week announcing the Readers’ Choice Awards. But there was one serious omission: No award for Best Newspaper.

    I’d like to nominate the Williston Pioneer.

    Perhaps nobody knows as well as I how hard Pioneer editor, Carolyn Ten Broeck, must work to get out the news every week. We should all appreciate what she does for the Williston community.

  • Friends of Williston Police say 'thanks'

    To the editor: 

    The Friends of Williston Police would like to thank the NRA Foundation for the generous donation of 12 Ruger target pistols and appropriate ammo for the purpose of training police and civilians, alike. The NRA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the National Rifle Association and they contribute to efforts to advance the shooting sports.

  • Where is the justice for us?

    To the editor: 

    One question to those who want us to give up our right to bear arms...why do we, the common citizens, have to relinquish our right to protect and defend when those advocating this are surrounded by men and women armed to the hilt to protect them? 

    When President Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and their families give up their secret service protection then they can speak for us.

  • Suggestions for I-75 relief

     To the editor:
       I have been watching the I-75 Relief hearings on The Florida Channel.

     The idea of creating a “transportation corridor” to relieve traffic congestion on I-75 primarily in that section of I-75 from the intersection with the Florida Turnpike on through Alachua County has been the focus with a further sub focus on a better route from Tampa to Jacksonville.

  • Letter to the editor

     To the editor:

    I was recently embarassed when my sister in South Carolina brought to my attention that the city of Williston was planning to build a Veterans' Memorial Monument and I did not even know of it.