Today's News

  • Six qualify for Bronson Council seats

    Six candidates have qualified to run in the Sept. 8 Bronson Town Council elections according to Town Clerk Kelli Brettel.

    Three seats are open and the incumbents have qualified in each race: Aaron Edmondson in Seat One, Vice Mayor Beatrice Mongo in Seat Three and Melody LaFlam in Seat Five.

  • Handgun on job lands man in jail

    A 10-year career at Wellee^Bilt Industries came to a halt last week for a convicted felon who brought a handgun to work.

    According to the Williston Police Department, Richard A. Williams, 50, of SE Third Street hid a handgun in a piece of pipe and threatened to kill any co-worker who said anything about it.

    However, employees, concerned about safety in the workplace, notified management who then in turn called the police.

    Williams had served time in prison for killing a man in Bradford County 20 years ago

  • Mail carrier fails to deliver

    Bronson letter carrier Rose Conklin pleaded guilty in federal court on Friday to failing to deliver more than 125,000 letters, newspapers and circulars over a six-year period that she worked with the U.S. Postal Service. She faces the possibility of a five year prison sentence, plus three years of supervised release, a $250,000 fine and a $1,000 monetary assessment.

    As part of her plea deal she has agreed to pay the $1,000 assessment before her sentencing in November.

  • Bronson salon cuts through economy to help those in need

    Spiraling downward. Unending. Stripes of red, white and blue.

    Was it really just a spinning barber pole outside a local salon?

    Or, was it a symbol echoing the feelings of so many Americans trying to get ahead, only to find they are getting further behind? Or maybe a helping hand?

    The sign out front, sandwiched between an enormous pair of scissors and a comb, read “The Hair Experts.”

  • Community Calendar

    Saturday, Aug. 29

    Political Rally

    A political rally will be held from noon until 8 p.m. at the Bronson Youth League Park for candidates in the Sept. 8 Bronson Town Council elections.

    Three seats are up in the election. Candidates will have an opportunity to make speeches, answer questions from members of the Bronson Chamber of Commerce and meet voters and answer their questions.

    Relay for Life Yard Sale

  • Levy County Sheriff's Reports

    The following information is taken from public records, reports and press releases, as well as interviews, provided by the Levy County Sheriff’s Office.

    Willie Crowley, 33, of Bronson, charged with domestic battery. Bail is $5,000.

    Michelle Louise VanHoose, 35, of Bronson, charged with domestic battery. Bail is $5,000.

    Jeffery Lee Jones, 56, of Williston, charged with aggravated assault. Bail is $5,000.

    Seth Leon Foster, 21, of Trenton, charged with VOP and aggravated assault. No bond.

  • Man accused of taking car and piggy bank

    A Bronson man who recently served a prison term for grand theft auto found himself back behind bars Aug. 24 for the same crime plus petit theft.

    Ronald Joyner, 46, of Town Court, Bronson, was arrested after the family member he was living with reported that when he awakened at 2:15 a.m., both Joyner and his 2002 Kia were missing.

    The car was found behind the Bronson Post Office, an area known for drug activity. Joyner was behind the wheel and was arrested on the scene.

  • Three charged in drug bust

    After an investigation by the Drug Task Force at suspected drug activity on East Main Street, Bronson, the Levy County Sheriff’s Office arrested three people Aug. 21, charging them with numerous offenses.

    Agents did controlled buys and had information that two of the people involved were involved in cooking an manufacturing powder cocaine and crack cocaine.

    Arrested were Alonzo “Zoe” Arnold, 36, of North Street, David “Tiger” Bliss, 23, of East Main and Elizabeth Parmentier, 20, of East Main.

  • Men charged with moving out neighbor’s furniture

    When Chiefland residents returned to their home at NW 147 Place recently, they saw men removing furniture from their home-and they knew they were not moving to a new location.

    The victims called 911 but the suspects fled before the deputy arrived. Following an investigation, Detective Mike Bell arrested Bruce Romanok, 56, and Michael Romanok, 28, both who had addresses close to the victim’s, and Joel Anderson, 32, of Old Town.

    The men were charged with burglary and grand theft.


  • Chiefland man charged with aggravated battery after bar fight

    Leroy Dexter is the kind of brother who will stand up for his younger sibling in a fight.

    Unfortunately, Dexter stood up for his brother in an argument that turned violent at Psychoz bar at 909 South Main St., Chiefland and he is charged with stabbing a man, according to Chiefland Police Chief Robert Douglas.

    Dexter is charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and his bail is $50,000.