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  • Levy County Sheriff's Report

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    • July 2, Earnest Gerome Brown, 63, Williston, contempt of court. Bond $40,000.

    • July 4, Christian Miles Cannon, 30, Newberry, three out-of-county warrants. ROR.

    • July 3, Vajiha Farooq, 31, Bronson, two counts cruelty toward a child w/o great bodily harm. Bond $50,000.

    • July 5, Kelly Letrisha Geer, 40, Bronson, aggravated assault. Bond $5,000.

  • We are the same

    I've been gone longer than I lived there but there's no doubt my roots are tied deeply to the mountains of Appalachia and the people who live there.

    This past weekend, I made a 12 1/2 hour trek back as those vibrant verdant hills beckoned me once more.

    They are not the mountains of my childhood where narrow two-lane roads were crammed with heavy trucks carrying even heavier loads of coal.

    Once impressive homes are now in a state of disrepair and kudzu blankets abandoned properties.

  • I believe in what I do

    I was out doing errands Thursday when I got a text from friend and former co-worker, Lou Jones.

    "Shooting at Annapolis paper," it read. "Several shot."

    My heart dropped.

    Once I returned to the office and was able to check into what was going on, I was numb.

    I've been in this business a long time – and I've known journalists who were targeted for their reporting: Tires slashed; a Molotov cocktail thrown through a window of a newspaper office; telephone curses and in-your-face screaming.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Report

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    • June 20, Donyahl Michelle Adams, 42, Trenton, possession of drugs w/o a prescription, possession and/or use of drug equipment, VOP. Bond $31,000.

    • June 22, Mark Stuart Allen, 26, Trenton, fleeing/eluding LEO, possession of marijuana not more than 20 grams. Bond $5,500.

    • June 23, James Blair Bailey Jr., 37, Inglis, two counts FTA. Bond $3,000.

    • June 18, Dakota Perry Ballard, 20, Archer, out of county warrant.

  • Happenings



    Candidate Forum

    Wishing for an easy way to meet candidates for office and ask about issues that matter to you? If so, mark your calendar for the 2018 Candidates Forum. This free nonpartisan event will be Saturday, July 28 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Williston Middle/High School cafetorium. 

  • Williston Pre-4th is Tuesday

    The city of Williston will again lead off the Independence Day festivities with its annual July 3 parade down Noble Avenue.

    Floats and marching units will mark the nation’s birthday with a parade at 5 p.m.

    After the parade, the action moves to Williston’s Horseman’s Park for an evening of free entertainment and fellowship.

  • I am afraid

    As a mother of a young black man in America, I am afraid.

    The January incident with NBA Rookie Sterling Brown has raised this fear another notch, because he is my son.

    Yes, that man is younger than my son, and taller, and a professional basketball player.

    But when I see him, I see my son.

    Yes, he parked illegally, and selfishly.

    But how that young man behaved when he saw a police officer at his car is what my son would do, what we have talked about doing, what we brought him up to do.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Report

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    • June 14, Casey Robert Bolak, 23, Gainesville, out of county warrant. Bond $3,000.

    • June 14, Johnathan Michael Curry, 25, Williston, VOP.

    • June 13, Lauren Blake Dennis, 30, Chiefland, aggravated assault. Bond $30,000.

    • June 15, Malcolm Allen Godfrey, 57, Williston, battery. Bond $5,000.

    • June 15, Christopher Edward Hathcox, 32, Cedar Key, grand theft. Bond $30,000.

  • Who will be the next chapter?

    Have you ever noticed how many films and books either begin or end with a disclaimer that the project is a total work of fiction and not based on any person, living or dead?

    I beg to differ.

    Great authors write about that which they know – except J.K. Rowling and Stephen King (I hope) who have imaginations that are way, way out there.

    Whether movie or novel, characters are often amalgams of real people. Sometimes they're indistinguishable to everyone except to the author himself.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Report

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    • June 5, Kimberly Sue Broadhead, 43, Dunnellon, VOP.

    • June 4, Robert Walter Curry, 47, Inglis, out of county warrant.

    • June 7, Daryl Tyrone Davis Jr. 20, Temple Terrace, assault. Bond $5,000.

    • June 4, Christopher John Dillard, 34, Bronson, DUI. Bond $5,000.