Today's News

  • Healthy Living Fair is Saturday

    The first in a series of health fairs, aimed at educating people on better alternatives for living will take place this Saturday, April 27 in Williston's Epperson Park.

    Located between the Los Aviña Mexican Restaurant and the Dollar General Store, Epperson Park is most known for being home to a World War II Howitzer.

    However, this Saturday organizers are expecting a variety of vendors, information booths and arts and crafts to dot the landscape.

  • Motorists' advisory issued for Crab Fest

    The annual Crab Fest is slated to begin this Friday, April 26, on CR 318, east of Williston.

    Large crowds and heavy traffic are expected for the two-day event.

    Levy County Sheriff Bobby McCallum warned residents and motorists earlier this week that traffic patterns will be altered during the event and everyone should expect heavy traffic on both CR 318 and US Hwy. 27A.

    Crab Fest kicks off Friday evening and continues into Saturday, with the main event commencing around 2 p.m.

  • Help prove internet service is bad

    By Suzette Cook

    Chiefland Citizen

    Levy County Commission Chair John Meeks can prove internet connectivity is below Federal Communication Commission (FCC) standards and so can any resident who wants to help supply data for a nationwide experiment that could help improve internet service.

    During the comments section of the April 16 meeting, Meeks took his phone out and encouraged residents to prove that the lack of reliable internet in Levy County is unacceptable.

  • Trainers will stay on

    By Suzette Cook

    Chiefland Citizen

    The School Board of Levy County will renew its contract with the University of Florida’s College of Medicine Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation starting in July for the 2019-2020 school year.

    Williston High School will have a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) on duty for 20 hours a week, Chiefland Middle High School will have one for 25 hours a week, and Bronson/Cedar Key schools will have a ATC on duty for 25 hours per week.

  • If these walls could talk

    “Memories…pressed between the pages of my mind.” This lyric could not be more true for the more than 350 Williston High School alumni, family and friends who showed up on a recent spring morning in April to take a final walk-through of the buildings where they received their first 12 or 13 years of formal education.

  • Boys to Men

    Every Thursday Timothy Donald rises early in his Jacksonville home, goes into work, gets things settled there and then sets out for Williston. It's a two-hour drive each way but he does it.

    Every. Single. Thursday.

    And while Williston was his first home, he's not coming to visit family, tour old stomping grounds or look up friends.

    Instead, he heads toward Williston Middle High School where he will, for a little more than an hour, talk real – very real – to 12-13 young men.

  • Levy added to man's lawsuits

    By Suzette Cook

    Chiefland Citizen

    Joel Price vs. Flagler County, Joel Price vs. St. Johns County, Joel Price vs. Levy County.

  • Council comes to terms on parades, fees

    After three months of research, study, review and even a town meeting to garner resident input, the Williston City Council had a meeting of the minds Tuesday concerning parades and the policies that govern them.

    After a discussion that lasted over an hour, the council proposed that a policy be drafted for the April 16 meeting that will state that all parades will be confined to the city limits.

  • Road department allocates millions to stretch taxpayers' dollars

    By Suzette Cook

    Staff Writer

    When Alice LaLonde, administrative manager for the Levy County Road Department, approaches the podium at meetings to present items to the Levy County Board of County Commissioners, the business at hand usually involves millions of dollars.

  • April 30 workshop focuses on county road maintenance

    By Suzette Cook

    Staff Writer

    County Commissioner Rock Meeks got a message that two drivers passing each other on Levy CR 341 collided when their side view mirrors made contact. County Commissioner Lilly Rooks said she was almost hit twice by a truck pulling a trailer on CR 345.

    “Let’s talk about roads,” Commissioner Meeks said during the commissioners’ report portion of the March 19 meeting.