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  • Town council told fire department merger could benefit Bronson

    A representative from Levy County Public Safety says Bronson could benefit from merging its fire department with the county's.

    In a public safety workshop Monday night in Bronson, county Public Safety Director David Knowles told the Bronson Town Council that merging fire departments would allow more firefighters and other resources to be available during emergencies.

    "It's not any kind of a hostile takeover," Knowles told council members. The county is trying to make the best use of limited resources, he said. 

  • Hastings seeks re-election as school superintendent

    School Superintendent Bob Hastings, a third generation educator in Levy County, has announced plans to seek re-election.

    Hastings taught vocational and academic classes at Chiefland and Bronson High Schools.  During that time he was an FFA Advisor, football, baseball, track and weight lifting coach.  Hastings assumed many other school duties, too many to enumerate.  For the following 19 years he served as administrator/principal for Bronson Middle/High, Cedar Key, Williston High and Chiefland High Schools.

  • Financial Struggle

    When Jerry Gillman bought Williston’s Nature Coast Hospital in September 2010, he knew he had his work cut out for him.

    Right off the bat, the new owner learned there were 10-12 serious AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration) violations hanging over the 40-bed hospital. Within two months, those violations were corrected and Gillman thought he was ready to turn the struggling facility into a viable community asset.

  • County says no to water ordinance

    Residents considering violating the water restrictions that kick in on june 13 should take into consideration they could face arrest and if found prosecuted and guilty, a penalty of up to 60 days in jail and up to a $500 fine.

    It could have been a simple case of getting a citation, like a traffic ticket, and paying a $25 fine, but the Levy County Commission decided Tuesday by a 4-1 vote it would not pursue passing an ordinance lowering the penalty. In voting no, Commissioner Marsha Drew of Yankeetown (R-District 3) in effect voted for lowering the penalty.

  • Grant brings cities, county new connections

    It’s a fact of life in Levy County, Williston has it’s own communications system and a “bridge” is needed to keep the city’s police force in touch with the Sheriff’s Office. It’s similar in Inglis where the town on the border with Citrus County must use a “bridge” to reach out to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office to coordinate events like drug busts and chases.

  • Max White drafted by Rockies

    For four years Williston High School senior Max White has played for the Red Devil baseball team. 

  • Williston City Manager suspended with pay

     Williston City Manager Patrick Miller was suspended with pay May 24 and tonight, city council extended that suspension until June 8.

  • Joe Smith is Pioneer of the Year nominee

     Joseph E. Smith has been selected as May’s Pioneer of the Year nominee.

  • Heroes honored at Orange Hill Cemetery

    By Bryan Hoopaugh

    Staff Writer

    As a cool and brisk breeze blew across Orange Hill Cemetery, keeping the array of flags waving toward the south, hundreds of veterans and community members gathered to pay tribute to our lost but not forgotten soldiers. 

    American Legion Post 236 commander Pat Plemmons emceed the event, which was both celebratory and bittersweet.

  • New rules

    Williston City Councilor Jason Cason is a happy man.

    That’s because a month after being shot down on a motion on how to conduct council meetings, his peers agreed last week that maybe his idea wasn’t such a bad one.