Law and Courts

  • Sheriff's Reports

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    Brian R. Bible, 24, of Cedar Key was charged with domestic battery March 5. Bond was $5,000.

    Quilla M. Oates, 35, of Williston was charged with fraud/insufficient funds March 4. Bond was $6,100.

    Valrize Latrice Bristol, 39, of Bronson was arrested March 3 with domestic battery. Bond was $2,500.

    Joshua B. Robinson, 20, of Williston was charged with Violation of Probation (VOP) aggravated assault with a weapon. He was released on his own recognizance.

  • Man charged on six counts after high speed chase

    A Williston man was charged with six different offenses Friday night after police officers responded to a domestic battery call where the victim reported her boyfriend, Vincent Donnell Peterson, 49, had pulled her from the car, threw her to the ground and sped off toward East Williston in her vehicle.

    Officers went to the “Gambling House”, located in East Williston but Peterson left at a high rate of speed.

  • Sheriff

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    William Scott Grams, 53, of Trenton was arrested Feb. 16 with aggravated battery, domestic violence by strangulation. Bond was $50,000.

    Alexander Matthew Shiver, 21, and Raymond S. Shiver, 24, both of Williston were charged with burglary of a structure and grand theft Feb. 17 after they were accused of taking chainsaws from a shed at the Andrews Wildlife Management Area. Bond was $7,500. Raymond Shiver was also charged with dealing in stolen property. Bond on that charge was $5,000.

  • Sheriff's Report

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    Timothy Paul Scheid, 33, of Pinellas Park was arrested Feb. 25 on a Violatin of Probation (VOP) warrant for burglary and grand theft. No bond.

    Donna Jean Adams, 40, of Williston was charged Feb. 27 with VOP Driving Under the Influence. No bond.

    David Adam Bandt, 26, of Archer was arrested Feb. 26 for domestic battery and tampering with a victim.

  • Sheriff's Report

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests:

    • Daniel Anthony Pritchard, 39, of Morriston was arrested Feb. 12 on a writ of bodily attachment.

    • Doyle W, Smith, 43, of George Town, La., was arrested Feb. 11 on a Louisiana warrant for felony theft, conspiracy, forgery and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. No bond.

    • Bruce Michael Roach, 47, of Old Town was charged Feb. 11 with RWOV. Bond was $25,000.

  • Sheriff's Reports

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    Tommy Lee Green, 19, of Inglis, disorderly conduct, released on own recognizance.

    Jesse Kenneth Thomas, 28, of Bronson, possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana.

    Jesse Schonborn, 26, of Chiefland, domestic battery, simple assault, released on own recognizance.

    Anthony William Meeks, 19, of North Miami, four counts of violation of probation as drug offender, no bond.

  • Sheriff changes punishment for deputy who tased pet dog

    Sheriff Johnny Smith ignored the advice of two internal disciplinary boards and reduced the punishment  recommended for a deputy who admitted he used his Taser on a pet on several occasions.

    Deputy Charles Johnson Jr., the son of the department's No. 2 in command — Col. Mike Johnson, will not serve the three-day unpaid suspension, but instead get a written reprimand for tasing his German shepherd Kaiser.

  • Berny Serrano loses appeals

    Convicted murdered Berny Serrano’s appeals of his conviction in the execution style death of Jacob Langworthy are at an end.

    Serrano, who was challenging the use of a confession he gave to investigators the day after Langworthy was murdered during a home invasion and robbery by five teens, lost his bids at the 1st District Court of Appeal last summer and at the Florida Supreme Court on Jan. 4, almost 5 years to the day he murdered Jacob Langworthy 18.

  • Sheriff's Reports

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    Michael Dudley Dickson, 52 and Steven Lewis, 50, both of Alachua were arrested Jan. 26 and charged with grand theft when they allegedly removed a roll of high wire electric line from Hwy. 121 and then concocted a story that they purchased the wire, complete with a receipt from a person who does not exist. Bond for Dickson was $6,000 and Lewis was $11,000.

    Victor Angel Rueros, 40, of Williston was charged Jan. 24 with failure to appear (FTA) no driver’s license. Bond was $2,500.

  • Sheriff's Reports

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    Sue Ann Marshall, 42, of Williston was charged with tampering with physical evidence and petit theft Jan. 21. Bond was $1,000.

    Eugene R. Offenberger, 55, of Marietta, Ohio was charged with possession of crack cocaine Jan. 20. Bond was $5,000.

    Charlie Daniel Holt, 28, of Bronson was charged Jan. 16 with disorderly intoxication. Bond was $1,000.