• School lunches

    All meals served with milk.

    Monday, December 10

    Corn dog, or chicken fingers; French fries / baked beans/ cole slaw; cinnamon roll / mixed fruit.

    Tuesday, December 11

    Lasagna, or hot ham and cheese sandwich; green peas / salad / corn; chilled mixed fruit / banana; homemade rolls.

    Wednesday, December 12

    Macaroni and cheese with ham, or popcorn chicken; mixed vegetables / salad; carrot sticks with dip; chilled pears / plum; homemade rolls.

    Thursday, December 13

  • Golden Apples

    Good citizenship and acceptance of responsibilities are characteristics worthy of cultivation. Williston Elementary School salutes those students who have been recognized by their teachers, counselors, administrators and other school personnel for these exemplary qualities.

    Golden Apples for September and October are:

    Leann Taft, Mallory Jones, Connor McCoy, Austin Jones, Wyatt Carswell, Greg Days, Simon Rodriguez, Donnie Johnson, Sabrina Cox, Emma Gifford, Katelynn Bastanzi, Cornelius Pitts and Randi Baldwin.