WMHS baseball team muscles up

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Orthodontist believes in Red Devil team

By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

Two back-to-back state championships, winning seasons and a new school prompted Dr. Bill Martin to do something to maintain the edge: he donated weight machines to the WMHS athletic department for the baseball team.

Valued at over $8,000, the weight bench and accoutrements, along with a hack squat machine, were made available for usage this season.

"This is a great opportunity for us," said Scott Hall, the school's atheletic director and baseball coach. The equipment is exclusively for the Diamond Red Devils and allows two to three players to work out during practice while others are warming up.

"I thought," said Martin, who has practices in Chiefland, Lake City and Jonesville, "that with a new school and the sports programs getting better, this would be something to do to aid an up and coming program."

Prior to Martin's donation, the baseball team shared the school's resources with all the other teams and players.

Despite the new school and its weight room, there still was the difficulty of scheduling and sharing space.

Martin's donation took some of that burden away.

During a workout, baseball players work on the total body, Hall explained. "We just don't focus on legs or arms. It's about everything from shoulders to the back to the triceps. This equipment will help us do that."