What is the point of the political flyer?

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To the editor:
I just received another flyer critizing a political opponent.  
In this case the candidate’s “Public Disclosure” shows he receives both a state pension and Social Security.  This item is highlighted and there is a statement “Two taxpayer funded checks every month.”  
While I’m no multi-millionaire, I receive those same two checks every month.  Before my retirement I periodically received a printout showing my employer’s contribution to the State Retirement System.
 Everyone who is legitimately employed also pays into Social Security.  Is the Republican Party telling us that after working for years and paying into retirement systems, we should not collect and are a burden on taxpayers?  By the way, I’m still a taxpayer as is the critized candidate.  
While the statement on the flyer is true, why try to make it sound like something underhanded took place?
 All it tells me is that the candidate worked for a state agency long enough to receive a pension and paid into and is now eligible to receive Social Security.
Dorothy Whiteman