What’s wrong with our schools?

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To the editor:

I am writing to relay a story to your readers that my brother told me the other day. 

My nephew is not doing so well in his math class. He says that the teacher will write problems on the board and when someone asks the teacher to explain it, is told to refer to the book.

 Now my nephew is a pretty smart kid and is in an advanced class. After speaking to the teacher, and learning that his son was not always paying attention, he decided to audit this class and went to the school to get permission. He was told he had to make an appoitment for the next day so he did and came back for the next day’s class.

 The teacher had a guest speaker there to speak to the class. With my brother in the back of the class, he was watching what was going on in the class. About two-thirds of the class was paying attention to what the speaker was saying, but there were a few that decided to be disruptive, talking and fooling around.

 When the speaker called two of these boys to come to the front and sit dawn, one did so quietly while the other one decided to climb on top of his desk and walk on all the desks to the front of the room, throw his arm around the speaker and began to mimic him. 

The school police officer was called and this student was escorted out of the class. This shows the sorry state of the schools today when a few rowdy students can cause the others to suffer through such crap. 

Another student was wearing sun glasses in class and was asked by the teacher to remove them, and he pushed them up on the top of his head. When the teacher turned around, he put them back on. He was told numerous times to remove them and kept on doing the same thing. 

With the state of disrespect by students in school nowadays, it is no wonder we have all the crime we have today.

One day I might even have to kill some parent’s child when they come into my home or confront me on the street attemping to rob me. 

What has this country’s school system come to when they allow rowdy students to stop the ones who want to learn by disrupting the class? Bring back corporal punishment.

Richard Moore