We can't hear you

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If the Williston City Council really wants to have its residents attend, and participate, in its meetings and workshops, it needs to take immediate steps to ensure that people are both comfortable and heard.
The city council chambers can pack about 70 people in shoulder-to-shoulder–pretty much like economy seats on an airplane. That in itself is uncomfortable, and possibly unhealthy, as germs have nowhere to go in the stagnant air except onto a neighbor.
God forbid if someone is overweight or in a wheelchair and you have to accommodate them as they try to enter the room and find a seat–across five or six people.
And with that many people in a room, and sidebar conversations hovering about, it’s almost impossible to hear people who stand from the floor to address the council.
Furthermore, hearing what the council members are saying is also shaky at best.
City council needs to design its room to be more public-friendly and purchase an audio system that everyone who speaks must use.
If everyone is heard, it will become more difficult for any information to be misinterpreted.
Can you hear us now?