I give thanks every day of my life. To God.
In a time when that's not always PC because people call you a zealot or a freak, I do it anyway.
Now granted I don't pray as much as I should, or maybe not even as long as I should, but I do take time every day to communicate with the Father, and I always start with "Thank you" rather than "Will you?"
I once loved Thanksgiving....but it was more about my cousins coming from the city to visit and eating Grandma's feast than about giving thanks  for my blessings. It was the one time of the year when the entire family got together.
Things have changed in 30 years. The family is scattered like the wind and Thanksgiving has become more of a time to spend anticipating shopping on Friday than being together.
That's one of the reasons it's not a big deal for me.
I shop whenever I want.
I give thanks daily.
I get the day off.
And if I am lucky, I can get turkey at Golden Corral a couple times a year.
So when people ask, "Are you ready for Thanksgiving?" I can honestly say, "Every day" and mean it.
Especially the day off part.