Tarmac says info wrong

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To the editor:
With a project the size and scope of the proposed King Road Mine, we at Tarmac have become accustomed to the occasional misstatements of facts about the impact of the mine.  Our goal is to counter these misstatements with verified, proven facts.
Recently, our detractors have spent considerable time and energy making statements that have no basis in fact. While we respect everyone’s right to an opinion, we must correct those opinions when they are simply not true.
In a recent letter to the editor, Noel Desmond mentions the potential for storm surge from a major hurricane which he claims would displace water from our mining lakes. However, what he failed to mention is Tarmac’s permits require us to build engineered berms around our lakes to protect against that very potential.  
These berms are designed to hold the water inside our lakes during extreme weather events; including a 100-year storm event. Tarmac has worked closely with city and county officials as we planned for storm events which could impact Levy County.
We also want to correct basic facts about the mine which were misstated in Mr. Desmond’s letter.
The mined area is only 2,750 acres – not 4,000 acres.
The mined lakes will be a maximum of 120 feet deep – not 170 feet.
The project will bring significant revenue to Levy County through paychecks, taxes and other fees. The project will employ 35 full time workers. These calculations are based on fact, and independent, verified studies. Mr. Desmond offers only conjecture for how he comes up with his loss figures for revenue and employment.
Tarmac has made every effort to ensure factual information about the King Road Mine is readily available to those who choose to seek it; through our website, speaking engagements, small group meetings and media outreach.
We encourage everyone to review our information, and to contact me if you have questions or concerns. Tarmac looks forward to becoming an integral part of Levy County for generations to come.
Jeff Harris, Plant Manager
King Road Mine, Tarmac America