Take time to be responsible and informed

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Across this country, citizens have proclaimed  loud and clear that they want to be heard–all the way from town hall to the U.S. Capitol. Many feel that personal agendas have gotten in the way of representing the views of the people.
Residents of Williston have important choices to make March 1 as they head to the polls to elect leaders who will be their voice in city government.
With a few days beyond five weeks until that day, we are urging voters in Williston to do your homework, research all the candidates, ask questions that you believe are relevant and when you head into the voting booth, to mark ballots with the names of the people who you think will speak for you on issues that the city faces.
Cast aside personal feelings. Take friendships out of the equation. Your vote is too important to take lightly.
Get educated. Be informed. Vote. It’s your duty and your responsibility.