Surrender or Dump??

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To the editor:

So you have a dog you no longer want or can no longer care for.  You have two choices.  You can just dump it at a shelter after hours or you can surrender it to an employee at the shelter.

When a dog is dumped at our shelter, it is left frightened and unattended. We do not know its name, medical history, likes and dislikes. So we add to the dog’s stress by calling it by an unfamiliar name and giving it vaccines it may not need.

When a dog is surrendered, we do not judge you for your choosing to give the dog up. 

We can make your pet feel at home by calling it by its name and administering only the vaccines it needs.  We can be sure it has its favorite toy. 

We can also follow up and tell you when your dog is adopted to a new home.

So do yourself and your pet a favor.  Surrender!

Claudia Parkhurst, VP WAG

 Willsiton Animal Group