Sheriff's Reports

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This week's arrests

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
• Jan. 1–Cody John Brunner-Urso, 18, Inglis. Grand theft, burglary of conveyance, trespassing, failure to report damage to vehicle or property, operating a vehicle in a reckless manner. Bond $18,000.
• Jan. 2–Kenneth David Down, 19, Chiefland. Domestic battery.
• Dec. 31–Justin Ray Edwards, 34, Bronson. Driving while License Suspended or Revoked (DWLSR). Bond $2,500.
• Dec. 27–William Justin Ford, 20, Morriston. Burglary and grand theft. Bond $50,000.
• Dec. 27–Randi Lynn Fumea, 23, Chiefland. Sale of a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a church. Bond $25,000.
• Dec. 28–Wesley Burns Goold, 38, Chiefland. Burglary of a structure without a person inside and larceny. Bond $30,000.
• Jan.1–Joseph Perry Hartin, 43, Suwannee. DWLSR and possession of a controlled substance. Bond $10,000.
• Dec. 29–Sharon Evyone Karam, 50, Morriston.  Violation of Probation (VOP) strong armed robbery.
• Dec. 28–Joe Randall Messick, 48, Trenton. Domestic battery. Bond $25,000.
• Dec. 27–Clifton Junion Scott, 43, Bronson. Aggravated battery on a pregnant woman. Bond $30,000.
• Dec. 31–Kevin Lynn VanFossen, 43, Chiefland. Domestic battery.
• Dec. 31–Jessica Simone Baldwin, 23, Williston. Domestic battery.
• Jan. 1–Ronald Michael Cassidy III, 21, Chiefland. Domestic battery.
• Dec. 28–Lori Yvonne Goodman, 26, Morriston. DWLSR and no motor vehicle registration. Bond $50,000.
• Dec. 28–Gail Yvonne Gordon, 38, Williston. Failure to Appear (FTA).
• Dec. 31–William Laurence Kelly, 27, Lake Wales. DWLSR and tag attached not assigned.
• Dec. 29–Samuel Jonathon Konrad, 23, Williston. FTA expired driver’s license.
• Jan. 1–Jeffrey Michael Martin, 25, Chiefland. Domestic battery on person over 65 years old.
• Jan. 1–John Francis Pope, 67, Inglis. DUI.
• Dec. 31–Elayna K. Rexrode, 48, McIntosh. DUI, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and possession of drug paraphernalia.
• Dec. 28–Randolph Tyrone Rowe, 56, Williston. FTA DWLSR knowingly.
• Jan. 1–Brenda Gayle Taylor, 57, Chiefland. Domestic battery. Bond $5,000.
• Dec. 29–Sahin Uzuni, 31, Morriston. Domestic battery. Bond $15,000.
• Jan. 1–Tomas Vences, 22, Morriston. DUI and no valid driver’s license.
• Dec. 29–Robert Eugene Wegnerowski, 45. Assault on spouse. Bond $25,000.