Red Devils make us proud

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If you were watching or listening to Tuesday night's game, you know how excited the Red Devils' fans were. You may have been excited yourself.

It's been a long time since a Williston baseball team carried the bragging rights of State Champion–91 years to be exact.

Some would say it was worth the wait. 

Under Coach Scott Hall the 2014 Diamond Red Devils have shone brighter than ever and represented Williston High School, the city of Williston and Levy County well.

It says a lot when churches open doors to support high school athletics, people drive four hours to watch a game and social media is on fire for two hours over a high school baseball game.

Congratulations, Coach Hall and your Williston Red Devils.

Your season has been exciting. Your tournament action has been thrilling. You've earned big bragging rights.

You are the State Champions and we couldn't be happier.