Recession? You're kidding

If there's a recession, someone forgot to tell all the people who flocked to Gainesville in the middle of the day Friday.

I worked half day and then drove to the mall to pick up something that I can't get locally. Then I decided to travel over to Archer Road to the craft store to pick up my daughter some clay--her new medium of choice.

It took me 30 minutes to drive from one parking lot to another...a normal 10 minute trip. I spent 20 minutes of that 30 minute journey either stalled in bumper to bumper traffic or looking for a parking spot.

Where do these people come from? I wondered. Why aren't the children in school? Does everyone have a flexible job schedule that lets them shop in the middle of a work day? And where is all the money coming from?

People were shopping and spending like it was income tax refund time. And the restaurants! Goodness! Lines everywhere.

Recession? I'm having my doubts.