Rea Samuels: Diamond in the rough

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By Steve Jarboe

Walking the halls of Williston High School the last four years and excelling in the class room, as well as on the volleyball court and Lady Red Devil track and field team, has been a little known young lady named Rea Samuels.
Rea is a quiet young lady, who goes about her daily routines excelling in her school work as she prepares for her future following her graduation in 2012. Rea maintains a 3.87 GPA and is taking several college level classes in English and statistics.
Rea was also recently chosen as the Student of the Month, and she also holds the office of vice-president of the National Honor Society. She is also ranked in the top 10 academically in her senior class at Williston High School.
Rea has been on the mailing list of many major colleges and has received many offers from some outstanding higher education institutions.
 The offers have been both for her academic achievements as well as her athletic performance in track and field. Rea excels in running the 100 and 200 meter events, where she has advanced to the State Regional the last two years. The 200 meter race is her favorite, where she has recorded a best time of 25.96.
Rea has received offers from Brown University and Cornell University both Ivy League Colleges, as well as Florida A&M, ABAC College in Georiga, and also Flagler College.
She has received letters of interest for the Scholars Programs from the University of Florida, Florida State, and the University of Central Florida. She has also received a large Scholarship offer from McPherson College in Kansas seeking her track skills.  
Rea has maintained her physical well being by playing on the volleyball team for the past three seasons, as well as four years of track, which is her favorite sport.
Away from her activities in the class room and her athletics, Rea is a basic down-to-earth homebody.
 Living on a farm, she helps the family with the care of the families Boer Goats. She has named almost every new addition to the flock over the years and can recognize each and every one by name, even though most look the same.
If she gets bored, Rea likes to write poetry and just spend time with her mother, Marcelle.   
Rea is one of those young ladies that when you talk to her, you know she will make the right decision for her future.