Random thoughts for a random Tuesday

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

Co-worker Chad came bursting into the office one Thursday a few weeks ago.

"So what did you write about this week?" He asked, pulling a newspaper from the rack outside my door.

"Oh, city council, the veterans' memorial, the . . ., " I started but he interrupted.

"No. What's your column about?"

When I told him I didn't write one, he was aghast and demanded to know why not.

"I didn't have anything to say," I said returning to my work.

Chad, like most everyone who knows me, knows that isn't true. Carolyn Ten Broeck always has something to say. However, I've learned that some things are just better off left unsaid. That's why unless you're a very close, close personal friend, I will not talk about religion, politics, sexuality or gun control. There are a few more verboten subjects, but let's just leave it at those four at this time.

But here's what I will talk about this week, because they are my random thoughts this random Tuesday:

• I'm saddened about the death of Mary Gene French. I met her when I first came to Williston when I interviewed her husband in their home. It was tasteful and classy just like her. In August 2016, I interviewed her about a 39-year-old FBI case, concerning an assassination attempt on her father. She told me then, "I just hope I live long enough to see it finished."

She did. This past January the perpetrator was found guilty of second degree murder. Williston was a better place because of the civic-minded genteel Mrs. French. She will be missed.

• Valentine's Day was bittersweet because of the school shooting in Parkland. Tom and I had no plans that night, eating in as we do most days now, but as we said a blessing over a meal, I choked as I prayed for the families also dining that night with loved ones missing from their tables. Now two weeks later (Two weeks! It seems like eons ago.) the horror is still real and the rebuilding of lives is underway. I think about this a lot.

• I'm getting another grandchild. Daughter Allison told me at Christmas that she's due in August. Another little monkey for Gram to spoil. I am excited.

• I feel old. Really old. I executed a party Saturday for 100 of my closest friends (the Chamber banquet) and today, I'm still feeling it. I've pulled a muscle and knocked a knee out of place. Was it worth it? Oui! Oui!

• I have to start taking care of me. I've neglected me for a long time and I have four months to be better to me. Why? It's a MAJOR high school reunion and I simply cannot go overweight, infirmed, morose or tired. And I won't. More later but now I'm out of space. And random thoughts.