The race is on

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

How can you not know I am over-the-top crazy about my two granddaughters?

Facebook friends get a liberal dose of their cuteness, almost on a daily basis.

My office is covered in their beautiful little faces.

I have 1,800 pictures on my cell phone and 1,700 are of them.

Talk about any subject and one, if not both, of them can be incorporated into the conversation.

Yes, I'm a doting grandmother.

Andi is now 20 months old –headed for the Terrible Twos, although I cannot fathom anything that child does will ever be terrible. Piper turned 10 months today and she's filled with mischief.

Piper has been babbling for months and is finally able to say the standard baby phrases like "Mama" and "Daddy".

Andi can say anything she sets her mind to. Anything. Like her father and grandmother, the child will have the gift of gab.

Back in January when I last visited, I tried to get either, or both, to say, "Gram", the name I chose for them to call me.

Piper, of course, ignored me, favoring a teething ring over education.

Andi just laughed.

We were in the backseat going to dinner and I'd get really close and whisper, "Gram. Say Gram, Andi. Gram." She laughed louder.

At every opportunity I was coaching and she would just laugh more.

I told both sets of parents that the first baby who could say Gram would get $50. They, too, then started coaching.

Earlier this month Andi and her parents spent a week with me and I spent all week trying to coax her to say it – one time – just one time. She laughed at first and then she just started shaking her head no. Every. Single. Time.

Tom only had to ask her twice to say, "T" – her name for him and she complied. Repeatedly.

Videos and phone calls come often from both sets of parents sure that this will be the day she says "Gram" and President Grant will be headed their way. But so far, nothing.

After another aborted try last night, I finally said, "Andi, can you say Caro? You can call me Caro. How about C?"

No laughter.

Dead silence.

The race is on and neither girl is the wiser. Will it be Piper? Andi?

Or will one of them shout something obscure that will stick forever?

We all may be laughing then.

Stay tuned.