Public officials don’t respect history of own county

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 To the editor:

One of the oldest cemeteries in Levy County is no more.  The Limbaugh Cemetery near Williston, established in 1860, was torn down and the remains of Rufus Limbaugh, his two wives and an infant daughter were moved to Orange  Hill Cemetery.

  The school board lived up to the letter of the law by obtaining permission from the oldest living descendant, but they failed in  the spirit of the law to contact other descendants. 

 Assurances had been given that the family would be notified when the removal was to take place, but this was not the case. Only by accident did we learn of the removal.   

What is even worse is that an unmarked grave remains in the cemetery; that of Dunlap Phinney.

 The land on which the cemetery existed was purchased by the school board for  $770,000 with the plan to build a new middle school. 

 I don't object to a new  school, but the cemetery could have been left intact and a memorial developed around the cemetery which would have been an excellent place for history lessons of Levy County.

It is truly a sad day when public officials do not respect the history of their own county.

Jean Mann

Fernandina Beach