Proud of my community

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By The Staff


I did not grow up in Williston, but have been fortunate enough to have lived here for almost 20 years. Not long after moving to Williston, I realized that it was not just a town, but a group or community of people that worked together for the betterment of "the community."

It would take several pages to list all of the business, civic, school, church, youth and volunteer groups that are active in our community. It would take several newspapers to list all of the projects that these organizations have done to benefit not only our local citizens but state and national organizations. On a recent weekend our community held no fewer than six events ranging from a free community egg hunt, barbecues to raise funds for a school group and the American Cancer Society, a carnival to support our youth athletic association, a clay shoot benefiting another school group, and a Tri-County animal show. All of these events were planned, organized and staffed by volunteers. Many people had a part in the success of one or more of these projects.

Understandably, everyone can not work on or support every event at the same time. But with each person helping some, all of these events benefit our community and make it such a great place to live.

All of these community organizations and events would not be successful without our community businesses. It is great to have a locally owned bank and businesses who truly want to be "the people you know". These businesses continuously show their support to the community not only with financial contributions, but by making a conscious decision to go out and be active in these community organizations. I hope as a community, we support the businesses that support us.

I realize I have used the word community many times, but that is the whole point of this letter. You see, I am very proud to say that I am from the community of Williston. Thank you to all of you that make it such a great place to work and live.

Sharon Sandlin