The Progressive View

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By Terry Grayson

We are the source of all their wealth. They are the corporate elite, the collective proprietors of the company store who have raised themselves, by the sweat of our toil, to a position of unimaginable power and prosperity. They are the plunderers of resources, of lives and of dreams. While only one percent of the population, they have amassed 90 percent of the loot.

We are this nation's teachers, farmers, truck drivers, nurses, civil servants and myriad others in various occupations whose services and labor fuel our economy. Yet the majority of us are living in debt, be it payments on mortgages, automobiles, student loans, credit cards or a combination of all the above. We are born into debt, struggle all our lives paying debt and die leaving more debt to those who survive us. Is this the price of freedom, or is it the biggest scam in the history of mankind?

We are the source of Wall Street's wealth. (Motto: We promise there will be kissing next time.) But they could not be satisfied with the fortune they had already acquired from investments, retirement funds and mortgages. The finance industry was so flush (and apparently bored) with our money they decided to go on a gambling spree. They lost big! We then got to see which way the scales of power are tilted when they demanded that our politicians give them back the money they had lost. The politicians quite willingly handed over the cash. So, in essence, they robbed us and then extorted us. The good news is: Wall Street is doing quite well today. Too bad they can't say the same of us.

We are the source of the wealth of the Military Industrial Complex. (Motto: Death comes but once. Plus three hots and cot!) We support them, of course, with our tax dollars but, more important, we support them with our lives. More precisely, the lives of our children and grandchildren. Cheerily we accept their reasons for marching into another nation, killing their people, plundering their resources and establishing long term residency. They sure know how to run an empire.

We are the source of the wealth of the Health Care Industry. (Motto: Life is a preexisting condition.) Most of us have money deducted from our paychecks which pay the fees that allow them to lobby politicians to the tune of $5,000,000 (that's five million) a week in order to defeat reform. No wonder, when it comes time to pay our medical bills, they balk. Indecent profits (and a large cache of bribe money) are hard to maintain when you have to pay for the medical services you were hired to pay. Maybe we're being too hard on these guys.

One might think these purveyors of bankruptcy, imperialism and profit-proofing would have been ridden out of town on a rail long ago, but it turns out they have a good public relations firm. The mainstream media are their friends as well as their employees. The media supply the opium to the masses. Corporate media appease, cajole, divide, incite and/or direct as the situation calls for it. They have been turned into the mollifying muse of modern society. We are blinded by the false light of the media and are drawn to its eerie glow like moths to an inferno.

I like a happy ending to every fairy tale I read, and there is one here, but not for us. Wall Street will continue to embezzle the nation to the point of third world poverty. The military will remain in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan for decades to come. A Health Care reform bill will be passed but will result in no appreciable reform. A corporate coup d'etat appears to be in the offing.

It will start as the result of a diversion, or false flag. The stage was recently set when President Obama declared a national state of emergency because of the Swine Flu pandemic. As you may recall a state of emergency in this country falls under the auspices of FEMA, and this is what sets off the alarm bells in my head. Soon will follow a decree for mandatory vaccinations. This will be met with a good deal of resistance, because many Americans justifiably feel Swine Flu vaccinations are not necessary. Next to come will be Martial Law, and the nightmare will begin. The media will declare the dissenters to be homegrown terrorists, and when they start being rounded up, the people who remain will answer with silence. They will find themselves living under an openly totalitarian system that will only get worse.

As for me, I plan to grab my ruby slippers, click my heels and pray I wake up safely in Kansas.