Pride begins at city hall

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If leadership begins at the top, then the drive to make Williston a more attractive city must begin at city hall.

Civic groups and individuals alike have picked up the gauntlet to clean up Williston. Two of the city council's appointed committees, the Community Redevelopment Agency and Board of Adjustments and Code Enforcement have put in countless hours to make Williston better, prettier.

And what has the council and staff done to beautify its own property?

The peeling, flaking paint at city hall is an embarrassment.  The mildew on the sides of the building is laughable. The lack of landscaping around city buildings is noticeable.

We understand that in the past year, the city has been reluctant to do anything to a property it hopes to soon vacate. However, the condition of city hall did not happen in the past year.

Built in 1956, it is years of weather and wear and tear that brought that building to its current condition.

A little pressure washing, a coat of paint – the facade of the building could be improved without spending a lot of money. 

If the city will lead by example, its residents may be more amenable to jumping on the bandwagon and start a wheel of motion that moves throughout the downtown area – where it's needed most since that's what visitors see when they pass through.

We challenge the city of Williston to take action now. Pressure wash. Paint. Remove old signs. Plant some flowers.


By example.