Neti pot? I must decline, thank you

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

Did your mother ever tell you to put nothing in your ear smaller than your elbow? Mine did. Of course it didn't make much sense as a child because obviously an elbow is a pretty big thing to try to get into the tiny ear canal. But as I aged, I got it. Keep objects out of your ear. Period.

The same goes for your nose. Who doesn't have a story to tell about someone they know (maybe even yourself) who wedged a crayon, or if you were my late Aunt Irene, a bean, up in a nostril?

I've heeded that advice all my life. 

It drives me insane when I see someone, and I won't mention names but it's someone I live with, stick a bobby pin in their ear to scratch an itch.

Likewise, I can't help but cringe when I pass motorists who are two knuckles into their noses at stoplights and think no one can see them.

For the last six weeks, I, like many of you have been plagued with seasonal allergies. 

Minding my business late one Monday night, I felt the pressure build suddenly and by morning, my nose was plugged. A few days later, I had itchy, watery eyes. Allergy season was here and in full force.

A friend was having the same woe and asked on social media, "Has anyone tried a Neti pot?"

Within minutes a dozen varied responses sprang up as friends weighed in. I remained silent.

Several years ago, again in the midst of allergy season, my then doctor, gave me a Neti pot and told me it would help. Immediately.

I brought it home, read all about it, looked it up online and quickly pushed it deeply in the back of the bathroom sink.

I couldn't bear the thought of using it, of pouring water up my nose. Goodness, isn't that why swimmers use plugs?

And to put it in one nostril and let it pour out the other? Ain't no way.

Everyone has different tolerance levels, and I know mine. Using a nose wash isn't in that wheelhouse.

So for now, until the grass, pine and oak quit their pollination season, I'll continue to sound like Ray Romano and my itchy, watery eyes will make everyone think I'm drunk. Should be good stories to tell around town.