Music: It’s in his blood

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Donald Moore is reviving his passion

By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor


Donald Moore Jr. doesn’t remember a time when music wasn’t an integral part of his life.

Born into a musical family that included his father and brother, it was only natural that like a moth to flame he would migrate to music.

And for the last 40 plus years, he’s stayed there.

Inspired by Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and so many who are now considered classic artists, Moore picked up the 

   guitar in one hand and pen in the other and proceeded   

      to  delve deeper and deeper into the music industry.

        Moore was raised in                    Williston, educated   

         at North Marion                  High School and then  

         like so many,               he moved away to the 

                                       Clearwater/St. Petersburg area.

                                    It was there, with his band Hired 

                                Guns, he landed a great gig as the 

                    house band at the Silver Saddle.

            Six nights each week, he did what he loved–cover

      ing music icons like Tom Petty, John Cougar, Haggard 

and Jennings. Sprinkled in with the tunes the crowd loved  

were also oirginals penned by Moore.

      “Life inspires me,” he said last week from his   

    Morriston home.

“I write songs that people can relate to. Love Lost is a song 

about what could have been; School Boy Crush is something 

 we all go through; Hot Women, Cold Beer–it’s what we all 

  want,” he laughed.

   In Williston Saturday Night, Moore outlines a typical 

    Saturday night from his teenage years.

    “It’s just what we did back then,” he said. “We drive to 

     the top of the hill, have a beer, drive some more.”

     Some song lyrics come easier than others, he said. Once 

       he gets his hook line, he’s been known to pen a song 

        in 30 minutes. But other  times, it takes longer.

        “It’s a process,” he said. “I write from the heart.”

       Although music is his passion, he was a painter by  

       trade before he semi-retired.

            “If I did it (music) for money, it wouldn’t buy a 

       medium  pizza to feed a family of four,” he laughed.

             Money’s never been the driving force, he said. He 

         plays and sings because he has to. It’s who he is.

       “It’s in our blood,” he said of his love affair with   


              After returning to Levy County in 2007, he was   

              a part of another group, Thicker Than Water, for 

              three years.

But then the band broke up.

Now Moore is rebuilding Hired Guns and completing a record. “Four songs will finish it,” he said.

With the newly regrouped band, local gigs like Willard’s and Four Corners are on the horizon, Moore said. And there’s always a jam session off CR 316 where musicians congregate to play, listen and draw inspiration.

“I love to entertain,” he said, adding he’s interested in performing for events, benefits and in clubs.

To learn more about Moore or listen to his music, you can visit him on Facebook or reverbnation.com