Moving basketball venue was a political maneuver

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By Steve Jarboe

Williston Basketball fans should know that Michele Faulk, the athletic director at Santa Fe High School contacted the FHSAA Board to have the Williston vs. Santa Fe Regional Semi-final State Playoff game moved to a larger gym,

The FHSAA stood by the rule that found the Williston Gym did not meet the size capacity to host a 3A playoff game.

Even though Williston, the winner of the regional quarterfinal game is supposed to host the game, like other winners are doing, Santa Fe officials protested so the game is moved.

Like the “New Rule” or not, for the Santa Fe High School officials, it must be about money, and not the young men who will play the game. Does a few extra ticket sales mean that much to the Santa Fe athletic director and school officials?

Most of these young men are ready to move on to college careers in just a few months. They are not Pee Wee T-ball 5-year-olds who need their parents to make decisions for them.

The winners have always hosted these games. But displaying the poor sportsmanship that is rather common from Santa Fe, they lodged their concern and got their way.

The game will be played at a neutral court at Bronson High School, taking from the Williston team members the fairness of high school sports as it has been.

Some high school officials seem to want to make sports programs all about them, instead of the young men and women playing the sports.

The Williston boys’ basketball team won the right to host the regional semifinal game and Santa Fe won the right come to the host school for the game, not a neutral site.

The FHSAA should be ashamed of itself for trying to have things both ways in their decision making.

Williston High School petitioned the FHSAA just three months ago to be placed in the new small high school Independent League for their sports programs.

The FHSAA ruled Williston was TOO LARGE to be accepted in the new Independent League.

Now three months later, the FHSAA rules that Williston facility is TOO SMALL to host a 3A playoff game. One would wonder, what is Williston High School? Is it TOO BIG or TOO SMALL, in the eyes of the FHSAA?

Tell the young men in the smaller older school where the gymnasiums that the FHSAA has decided are not large enough to host a playoff game in their classification.

Crowd control has never been a problem at Williston High School.

Come on.

Let’s be fair.

Moving a game at the last minute (two working days’ notice) to a neutral site is more of a problem than leaving things the same as they have been.

Santa Fe’s recent problem with Palatka’s basketball coach pulling his team off the court at Santa Fe was die to the FHSAA failing to have the required three officials at the game.

The FHSAA members are once again proving they are educated beyond their intelligence.