Monkey business

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To the editor:
   In response to the article about the monkey sighting, I too, have had the privelege of encountering the visiting monkey on four occasions.  
  I felt so excited and honored to have happened upon such a lovely creature in our pasture. The monkey sat on the fence and gazed at me.
 I wished him well and a safe journey in his adventures around the neighboring farms.
I couldn’t wait to call my grandchildren and ask, “Guess what was in Granny’s pasture today?”   They were as excited as I was.  
I called all the officials and no one had any idea who might own it or what to do with it.  My prayer is that he will be left alone to live a happy life in the pastures and forests around our farm.  He certainly brings joy and wonder to all who have seen him.
Claudia Parkhurst