Mayor honors May Students of the Month

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Williston Mayor Jerry Robinson and the city council honored the school year's last students of the month at the May 7 meeting.

Students chosen received a certificate of achievement, a pin from the mayor and a pizza, compliments of Angelina Mia.

Seventh grader Alexis Weflen, daughter of Titus and Angela Weflen was nominated by Mrs. Markham from Williston Central Christian Academy.

Markham wrote, "Alexis Weflen is both exceptional with her academics as well as her attitude.

"Transitioning back into a private school setting from homeschool can be challenging. She has excelled adjusting academically. She is always asking questions and following up if she needs more clarification. She also is always willing to help pick up my classroom and run errands when needed. I appreciate her positive attitude and willingness to help me! She is an awesome student to have in class."

Joyce Bullock Elementary fifth grade teacher Pricilla Fugate nominated Karley Boyer, daughter of Penny Boyer.

Fugate wrote, "Karley is a very responsible, motivated, and passionate student. She comes to school every day with a smile, an excitement for learning and a dedication for going above and beyond.

"Karley pays close attention to details and makes sure that her daily work is accurate and of the utmost quality.

"Karley is a model student who sets a positive example for her peers. She works hard not only herself, but to help her peers as well. She is dedicated to helping her classmates succeed and grow in every way she can.

"Her work ethic and focus on doing well is an inspiration to her classmates. Karley is a wonderful young lady, and I am so happy to have her in my class!"

Ms. Erickson, a second grade teacher at JBE, nominated Carlos Garcia, son of Graciela Sanchez.

"Carlos is a responsible and hardworking student that goes above and beyond what is asked of him," Erickson wrote.

"He comes to school every day with a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn. He continually puts his best effort in all aspects of his work.

"Not only does Carlos go above and beyond as a student, but he also goes above and beyond as a classmate and friend. He is quick to lend a helping hand to anyone he sees in need."

Another second grader at JBE, Moises Mendoza, was nominated by Mrs. Tiller. He is the son of Elias and Tomasa Mendoza.

Tiller wrote, "Moises is an excellent student with a great work ethic and a good friend.

"He never gives up. He keeps trying.

"Moises goes above and beyond in all his subjects. In reading, he is known for sounding words out and asking what they mean to help him tackle challenging words.

"He is always kind and helps his classmates. He is a role model wherever he is on campus."

The seventh grade team at Williston Middle High School selected Aubrey Sierens, daughter of Kristin Sierens.

Her nomination letter read, "Aubrey is responsible, conscientious, and cooperative. She is willing to work with anyone. Aubrey goes above and beyond on assigned work. Aubrey is in Student Government.

"Additionally, she excels academically and has maintained straight As all year in all classes."

The WMHS ninth grade team selected Luke McCoy, son of Deborah Sullivan.

His nomination letter read: "Luke is just an all-around great kid. He has a 4.0 GPA, takes advanced classes, and has a great sense of humor.

He is the kid who does the right thing when no one is looking and his peers respect him! He is the whole package.

Another teacher said:

"Luke is a thoughtful, kind, and generous student who is always willing to help his peers and his teachers.

"His awareness and maturity towards his surroundings and the feelings of others is palpable.

"Luke always puts forth a high level of effort in to his school work and takes pride in his successes! Luke is just plain AWESOME!"

Chloe Blackledge, daughter of Tarin Blackledge, was selected by Mrs. West and the sixth grade team at WMS.

Her nomination read, "Chloe comes to her classes with a smile and great attitude. Her teachers really appreciate her willingness to help, whether it is lending a hand with the technology cart or showing support for another student."