Look beyond postcards when casting your vote

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To the editor:

You can tell it is election time when the daily mail brings numerous expensive promotional political mailers soliciting your vote.   A great deal of money is spent on these mailings, money which could be better directed to help worthwhile local projects.

One of the mailers I received caught my eye before it hit the trash can  because of the conflicting message.  The political candidate claims that he creates jobs for Levy County; however, the expensive political mailer was printed at a commercial printing company downstate in Pinellas County.  No jobs for Levy County there.

The candidate also claims he will “put Levy first” but then used the bulk mailing permit from the Pinellas County printing company to mail his promotion material from a St. Petersburg post office.  Didn’t put Levy County first there. 

Another claim by the candidate is “Levy Sensibility” and a common sense approach to doing business.  However, if you view this candidate’s expenditures and contributions reports filed with the Supervisor of Elections and available to voters online at, the reports are not current with the candidate’s election activities.  No transparency there.

The age in which we live provides voters with many resources to assist us in making informed decisions about the persons we want to lead our government.  I ask that you look beyond the messages on the fancy postcards when deciding how to cast your vote.                  

Toni C.  Collins