Log Cabin Quilters

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Special to the Pioneer

 The Log Cabin Quilters met Thursday, Sept. 30 at the Levy County Quilt Museum. We have had a busy week. We ended up taking the clothes to Cross City. There is a place there, next door to the Dixie County Advocate, that takes everything.

 We’re about to get everything put back where it belongs. We still have a small leak in the roof but when that is taken care of, we will finish up.

 Greg and eight boys were out Wednesday and they are cleaning the cupboards in the kitchen, putting things up that was taken down, they mowed, cleaned flower beds, and so much more. We so appreciate all the work they do. Thanks, Lancaster.

 The Quilt show, which runs 10 days, is coming up after Thanksgiving. After that we will be hosting the church luncheon on Nov. 9. After this we will take care of going to the Fair in Tampa.

  Lunch was so good with fried chicken, kraut and hot dogs, soup, sweet potato casserole, tomato and okra, bread, chicken salad, lemon bars and so much more.