Levy teachers earn top honors

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By Mike Capshaw
Four teachers from the Levy County School District were honored during Tuesday’s School Board of Levy County meeting in Bronson.
The meeting kicked off with the Levy Soil and Water Conservation Teacher Awards Presentation. Chiefland’s Lita Weingart, Bronson’s Jennifer Bray and Marcia Smith all received plaques and $1,000 for their class projects. Chiefland’s Katie Jones also was honored, but not present for the presentation.
The board unanimously approved the consent agenda, which included employee status changes, requests for student trips and faculty leaves of absence, and finance items such as budget amendments and an amendment of Instructional and ESP salary schedules.
Superintendent Bob Hastings welcomed visitors that included a group of three “young ladies” as he called them from Williston High School. The girls said they’re hoping to encourage more students from the high school to attend regular board meetings.
Hastings pointed out that there are “two different calendars out there floating around,” one that has Dec. 17 as an early release date and the other does not. The board voted 5-0 to pass the additional release date on Dec. 17.
Cheifland’s middle school finished third in a food science and technology competition and were applauded by Hastings, as was the 125 students who participated in a recent FFA competition in Levy County.
“I’ve never seen such a wonderful group of young men and women who were so professional in their demeanors,” Hastings said.
The meeting was moved up an hour from its regularly scheduled time to a 6 p.m. start, which had many parents and students from Williston arriving late. The parents accompanied a recreational league coach in an effort to get boys soccer added to the sports at Williston High. The board cited Title IV — a federal law that keeps participation in sports between males and females equal in both high schools and colleges — as a major roadblock, but said it would investigate the matter further.