Levy County Sheriff's Reports

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This week's arrests

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
Charles Theodor Blumenberg, 24, Chiefland, arrested Oct. 18, DWLSR.
Walter Alexander Burns, 39, Chiefland, arrested Oct. 22, retail theft. Bond $500.
Richard Lee Cantleberry, 46, Cedar Key, arrested Oct. 19, maintaining a drug dwelling and sale of controlled substance. Bond $30,000.
Kelly Michelle Colson, 26, Trenton, arrested Oct. 20, housing for Gilchrist County.
Coreal Toetos Dixon, 29, arrested Oct. 18, no valid driver’s license.
Kimberly Ann Fluty, 44, Dunnellon, arrested Oct. 24, possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond $5,500.
Genetta Faye Harris, 58, Cedar Key, arrested Oct. 19, sale of a controlled substance, two counts maintaining a drug dwelling, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, two counts possession of a controlled substance, sale of a controlled substance. Bond $75,000.
Thona Lenard Harvey, 39, Archer, arrested Oct. 23, battery and battery by strangulation. Bond $60,000.
Richard Charles Hughes, 22, Archer, arrested Oct. 19, three counts Violation of Probation (VOP) burglary of a structure and VOP grand theft.
Robert L. Humphrey,  44, Williston, arrested Oct. 21, domestic battery. Bond $40,000.
Matthew Carl Huston, 22, Bronson, arrested Oct. 21, Driving While License  Suspended or Revoked (DWLSR). Bond $1,000.
Dwayne Edward Jones, 48, Bronson, arrested Oct. 24, domestic battery. Bond $50,000.
Kathleen Dawn Luce, 29, Chiefland, arrested Oct. 24, petit larceny. Bond $2,000.
Michael Patrick McDermott, 43, Bronson, arrested Oct. 18, VOP possession of marijuana and VOP possession of paraphernalia.
Richard W. McKino, 58, Dunnellon, arrested Oct. 25, false report of a crime. Bond $2,500.
Mary Sue Nichols, 45, Cedar Key, arrested Oct. 22, DUI.
Angela Elaine Pate, 28, Bronson, arrested Oct. 18, grand theft. Bond $10,000.
Walter Edward Perkins, 45, Old Town, arrested Oct. 18, Failure to Appear (FTA) assault and petit larceny. Bond $15,000.
Heather Lee Pollick, 22, Benton, arrested Oct. 25, VOP sell of heroin.
Michael Andrew Ramonas, 27, Odessa, arrested Oct. 25, domestic battery. Bond $15,000.
Shannon Lynn Random, 41, Cedar Key, arrested Oct. 19, maintaining a drug dwelling. Bond $5,000.
Michael Shane Salley, 33, Bell, arrested Oct. 19, violation of Florida  Parole Commission, aggravated battery on a pregnant woman.
Raymond Shelton Shiver, 25, Williston, two counts VOP dealing in stolen property.
Jonathan Nichols Thompson, 30, Rosewood, arrested Oct. 20, possession of cannabis, possession of a controlled substance, sale of controlled substance, maintaining a drug dwelling. Bond $36,000.
Silas Dweight Alexander, 38, Williston,  arrested Oct. 20, VOP fraud. Cash bond $1,936.
Daniel Ray Anderson, 21, Williston, arrested Oct. 22, fraud/insufficient funds. Bond $1,000.
Jerald Samuel Billups, 34, Inglis, arrested Oct. 21, FTA petit theft.
Walter Alexander Burns, 39, Chiefland, arrested Oct. 18, disorderly intoxication.
Melissa Ann Clarke, 28, Inglis, arrested Oct. 18, two counts fraud and grand theft. Bond $45,000.
Steven Alan Cutler, 26, Bronson, arrested Oct. 22, VOP no valid driver’s license. Cash bond $870.
David Michael Dean, 35, Dunnellon, arrested Oct. 24, possession of cocaine. Bond $5,000.
Sherri Lynn Eckert, 27, Cedar Key, arrested Oct. 22, VOP petit theft. Cash bond $627.50.
Aric Bradley Eschbach, 34, Williston, arrested Oct. 24, DUI. Bond $5,000.
Wallace James Fisher, 34, Beverly Hills, arrested Oct. 18, FTA no motor vehicle registration. Bond $2,000.
Ronald Earl Fox, 38, Chiefland, arrested Oct. 21, felony battery. Bond $2,000.
Ariel Marie Griffin, 18, Archer, arrested Oct. 21, FTA no valid license.
Ashley Lightner, 23, Chiefland, arrested Oct. 21, domestic battery.
Ronald Chaney McBride, 31, Ocala, arrested Oct. 18, DWLSR.
Danielle Lee Perrow, 25, arrested Oct. 18. Holding for Dixie County.
Kellie Chantel Ponce, 20, Cross City, arrested Oct. 21, DWLSR. Bond $1,000.
William Timothy Sills, 19, Cedar Key, arrested Oct. 21, VOP burglary and grand theft.
Jeremy Scott Stephens, 29, Cross City, arrested Oct. 19, FTA retail grand theft and DWLSR.
Chad Edward Thomas, 29, Inglis, arrested Oct. 22, child neglect, DWLSR and unregistered vehicle. Bond $6,000.
Jeremy Lee Thomas, 37, Okeechobee, arrested Oct. 24, DUI.
Theola Thornton, 51, Reddick, arrested Oct. 20, worthless checks. Cash bond $150.