Letter to the Editor June 28

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USWARDOGS endorses Evan Sullivan

To the editor:
Levy County residents can directly affect their families, neighbors, schools, businesses, property and our pets safety when we vote for the critical  position of Sheriff.  
The Sheriff should come with academic training w/certification and a record of field, administration and correction  experiences and build on Sheriff Smith’s legacy. The candidate who excels in  knowledge, training, experiences, and integrity is a proven leader and the  current Director of Law Enforcement for the LCSO.
I am pleased to endorse  Major Evan Sullivan on behalf of the Southern Chapter of the USWARDOGS  Association. Evan Sullivan is a native resident of Levy County. He cares  deeply about Levy County and comes from a line of law enforcement family with  a vision and commitment to our safety and security in the County while we  enjoy the freedoms of our Country.
He graduated from  FBI Academy with  experience including:Patrol, Investigations, Street Crimes, and Commander  over SWAT Team, Drug Task Force and Fugitive Unit. It also includes Commander  over our elite K9 team, those ‘guardians of the night’, who take law  enforcement above and beyond the human limitations of our highly trained  deputies.
 Major Evan Sullivan deserves my vote and Levy County citizens’.  He will work for us the same way as his hero k9s: be Driven, be excited and  love going to work, do what is asked and expected of him, not stop til the  job is done, be grateful for his team rewards, protect who he serves and be  in it for the long haul.
Barbara Snow
Executive Director