Letter to the Editor

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Supports MLK Parade

To the editor:

Thank you for your clear and comprehensive report of the Williston City Council meeting on Dec. 18.

Although I was present, I appreciate your commitment to presenting the report so quickly so that others would know what happened.

I was pleased when the message of Pastor Jones and other speakers succeeded in encouraging action on the part of the council, and I am hopeful the wishes members expressed will result in the Martin Luther King Day parade taking place on Jan. 18, 2019. It will be a continuation of the tradition Pastor Jones’ grandmother began some 30 years ago.

Now it is up to the efforts of Chief Strow to get appropriate volunteers and the required number of squad cars to allow parade plans to proceed. It is unfortunate those efforts weren’t begun sooner, perhaps shortly after the parade application was submitted in late August.

 I’m hoping the volunteers who were willing to serve for the Christmas Parade, which was canceled due to inclement weather, will be willing to serve in the same capacity for the MKL parade.

Drollene P. Brown