Letter to the Editor

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Arming teachers is not the answer

To the editor:

Trump’s motto is “Make America Great Again”.    In the past, when were teachers armed and the schools virtual prisons?  Not during my lifetime.

My husband was a high school teacher with 12 years of military experience – the kind of teacher Trump is advocating being armed. Students could easily attack and disarm a teacher, then go on a shooting rampage without even needing to buy a weapon.  It has been proven that the teenage brain does not always act rationally.

My son worked in a South Florida gun range and even the SWAT team missed their targets half the time.  Most teachers would be devastated for the rest of their lives if they accidentally shot an innocent student.

Our colonial ancestors were able to provide food for their families without assault rifles and many do so with bow and arrows today.    

If Trump really wants to “Make America Great Again”, he will insist on reinstating the ban on assault weapons, increase spending on mental health (which he recently decreased) and stop taking campaign contributions from the NRA – the lobby for gun manufacturers and sellers.

Let’s “Make America Safe Again” so that my great-grandchildren and all students are not afraid to go to school. 

School boards should be leading these students in protesting, not threatening to expel them. 

Or are they also accepting NRA contributions?

Mignon Craig