Letter to the Editor

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Protestors are voters

To the editor:

Three days before Richard Spencer’s speech at UF I received an email newsletter from Congressman Ted Yoho.  He seemed more concerned about possible violence by Antifa than by the attempted takeover of the United States government by the Alt right.  You know, the ones that shot at a group of peaceful protestors after the event, and beforehand, were reported to be gathering in Gainesville because “Florida is an open carry state”.  Spencer’s freedom of speech is allowing him to yell “fire” without restrictions.

 To quote Yoho, “As for me, I refuse to be anywhere near this event because Richard Spencer and Antifa’s viewpoints are both morally repugnant”.  Sounds to me like he agrees with Trump’s opinion of what happened in Charlottesville.  They both totally ignore (or never learned) what happened in pre-WWII Germany when Hitler was gathering his “brown shirts” to take over and the moderates there chose to ignore his speeches until it was too late.  Is that what Yoho and Trump want to have happen here?

 I could not attend the protest but several of my graying female friends from Levy County did.  I’m proud of and thankful to everyone who participated and the police officers who protected them, and hope they will be an inspiration to people in every venue where Spencer and his followers try to speak.  It was truly an inter-generational effort and, Yoho, the majority of protesters are NOT Antifa members. They are the voters you are supposed to represent. 

Standing on the side of Love – for all people who believe in equality.

 Mignon Craig