Let's skip the odd-numbered years

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

 Tonight family, friends, lovers – and even strangers – will come together to say farewell to 2015, to herald in a new year and make promises and plans for the future.

Like most everything else in my life, I'm constantly weighing the good against the bad to determine value. 

I do this with people, restaurants, vacation destinations – practically everything.

Most of the time, the good outweighs the bad, and therefore, I pronounce judgment that the relationship is worth salvaging, the restaurant deserves a second try and the vacation could be another adventure.

Truth to tell, I'm happy to say sayonara to 2015. 

There have been highlights: a trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, the birth of a grandchild, the restoration of familial relationships.

But for the most part, 2015 ranks right up there with "the year that just wouldn't go away."

Death has claimed family and friends. People I love lost jobs. Illness has destroyed bodies that this time last year were healthy. Co-workers have moved on to greener pastures. The world is even a scarier place than it was in December 2014, Loss is all around.

And so Tuesday morning as I drove into work, I was reflecting on 2015 and how it measured against the past 30 years of my life and it hit me: the worst years seem to occur in odd numbers.

Both my parents died in odd years. My son was diagnosed with cancer  in an odd year. My first marriage crumbled in an odd year. And let's not forget 2013: four family deaths in six months. The list is endless.

But the even years? Well, many good things have happened in the even years: I bought the home I love; both sons were born; shoot, both Tom and I were born in even years.

The annals of my life in the even years are filled with more good than bad, so like most things when I think of those things, I remember the good and skirt over the rest.

2015 will not be one of those years, but I'm not despondent. I know that when the calendar is turned at midnight, I also turn the page toward a new beginning, a new year filled with love, happiness and more good than bad.

While I can't control the circumstances of my life, I can control how I react to them and in 2016 I'm determined to live more completely, with joy and abandon. Each day is mine to shape and mold into something wonderful.

And you know, it's bound to happen. It's an even year.