Lead by example

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At last week’s Williston Council meeting, Councilor Debra Jones admonished local candidates to adhere to a resolution the council passed in 2003 that called for proper conduct in public settings.
We agree, but we want to see it taken one step further. We want the council to lead by example and challenge those who come to their meetings to do the same.
The last several city council meetings have, at times, been chaotic.
Too many people have spoken at once, trying to drown out someone else. Council members have engaged in sidebars with one another while residents were addressing them. There’s been banter between council members and the audience. Audience members have become hecklers and carry on conversations with one another while business has been conducted.
Enough. We challenge the council president to use his gavel, restore and maintain order and conduct city business in an orderly, civilized manner.
Lead by example and others will follow.