Jurassic Park Mania

   I am obsessed with Jurassic Park.

    My grandmother gave me a copy of the book when I was 12 and the book both scared me and thrilled me.

     It seemed that the wheels on the Jurassic Park machine started turning after that and I looked for every piece of information about the upcoming movie.

       My grandma and I saw the movie on June 10, 1993 at the midnight showing.  Before the show we ran around the mall so that I could find a Jurassic Park hat (which I still have today) to wear to the show. 

    The movie was amazing. Not only was it a break through in special effects, but it was a dream come true to see dinosaurs brought to life in a believable way.  A lady sitting next to me had to leave the theater when the raptors jumped out.

    Once the movie was over, I still had chill bumps.  I had to see it again so I went the next weekend to see it and ended up seeing it a total of nine times in theaters.

     I couldn't help myself. I started collecting anything with the official JP logo on them.  I now have in my collection over 60 items ranging from little toys to the DVD collectors’ box that came with all kinds of extra stuff (and cost a pretty penny).

     When the second movie came out, I was one of the first in line to see it at our local theater and saw it eight more times in theaters.  I enjoyed every minute of it. With the new movie came new merchandise to purchase.  When the third movie was released I remember as the movie started I had goose bumps, as I knew that I was going to get my Jurassic Park fix again.

    My first time at Islands of Adventure at Universal in Orlando I was so excited as they built a Jurassic Park area.  My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) went to a show called Poseidon's Fury and for the first time I thought I was having a heart attack.  (It turned out to be a panic attack.)  It’s sad to say at that moment I was afraid not that I was going to die, but that I was going to die without getting to the Jurassic Park area.

      One of the most fun I had was when a few weeks ago my wife, daughter and mom went to Islands of Adventure and I was able to see my daughter’s face as she looked in amazement at the dinosaurs.  Most little girls like a princess or fluffy animals as a souvenir.  Mine wanted a large scary looking dinosaur to take home. That's my girl.

    There was a time where it was raining as I was driving home and I hydro-planned off the road down into a ditch and through a fence.  They say time slows down during an accident and I have to agree.  I remember everything that happened, I started thinking while the truck was skidding across the road not of my family or friends, I was thinking about the scene in Jurassic Park where Nedry is driving in the rain, goes off the road, crashes through a fence, and is attacked by the dilophosaurus.

     It's weird that these thoughts go through my head, I can't explain it, nor can I seem to control it.  I don't mind them most of the time.  But with rumors of a fourth Jurassic Park movie circulating, it's just a matter of time before my obsession starts going again.