It's the people who matter

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

Tom and I decided this summer that we have finally reached an age where we don’t need “stuff” so we made a pact not to buy expensive gifts (over $50) for each other.
We have most everything we need–and a lot of what we want. Anything we might consider as a gift, we can buy for ourselves. With those thoughts in mind, we decided to channel any extra money we have into traveling.
“We’re making memories,” he told someone recently.
We relish long weekends, and have discovered some of the coolest places and things all within a three-hour drive of Levy County. We take lot of pictures and savor the moments.
With Thanksgiving right around the bend, and people across the country taking the time to stop and be thankful for all their blessings, I decided on the way to work this morning that I would write about a few ordinary people who do extraordinary things to make my life richer and prompt me to be thankful.
Because it’s people, like memories, that are more important than “stuff.”
A major caveat: if  you aren’t mentioned here, it doesn’t mean you don’t make my life better. I’ve simply procrastinated to the point where I am out of space.
While my job is stressful most of the time, the people I work with are not. I give thanks for Chris, Debbie and Ada, who recently jumped ship for work closer to home.
Chris, the gentle giant, is full of good humor, useless information and a willingness to help me jump hurdles that I alone would not be able to do.
I’ve known Debbie for about three years and am glad she has joined our Pioneer family. We are discovering we have lots in common and it’s nice to commiserate with someone shorter than me.
Ada, passionate about most everything, is the square shooter among the three and her candor to tell it like it is often kept us entertained.
The three of them make the office a happy place to be.
I’m thankful for the people of Williston and the surrounding communities who have opened up themselves to me in order to share their stories with the world.
And while I deplore name droppers, I can’t help but become one now.
It’s people like Erv Kaufkman, Haylee Baker, Bobby Hall, Raymond Webber, Jim Pitt, Jiwan James, Sharon Battles and Bill Brittain who inspire me and keep me in the newspaper business.
I am thankful for people like the postal carrier who brings my packages to me and always with a smile, the clerk at the grocery store who asks about my latest effort in the kitchen, the waitress at the restaurant who keeps the sweet tea coming  without being asked.
Yes, there’s much to be thankful for  and it all begins with the people in our lives.
Thank you, readers. You are appreciated.