I'm in love

Don't be surprised if you learn that my neighbors have sued me for alienation of affection.
I am in love with their dog, and I think he is in love with me too.
A stereotypical Jack Russell, they got him over a year ago, and at first when he ventured into my yard he was hesitant and shy.
I tried to get him close to me but he was skittish.
Then something changed and before I knew it, it seemed he was in my yard more than the neighbors'.
He finally let me pet him and almost overnight, his personality completely changed.
As soon as the neighbors came home in the evening, Jack (could he have any other name?), would make a beeline for our yard.
It's been that way for a few months now and I am completely bowled over by this animal.
A couple weeks ago, he decided to jump in my lap and I let him.
There was no turning back.
Last night I did not see him when I passed the patio door and I was disappointed. But I shouldn't have been.
As soon as I stepped out the door, I saw his little head pop up and literally in seconds he had crossed  100 yards to come greet me.
I sat on the patio and Jack climbed into my lap and was content for over 30 minutes as I stroked his fur, all the while whispering words of love into his funky little ears.
I told Tom I knew he was "at home" with us, because he has taken to leaving his favorite toy in our yard because he knows he will be back.
We don't own dogs, because we don't want the responsibility of their care.
All we have are two fiercely independent cats who really don't care if we're around or not, as long as they have food and water.
But with Jack it's different.
I am like a grandparent: I can love on him, spoil him, give him treats and then send him home for someone else to care for.
That's a deal.