How can anyone survive so much joy?

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

I came late to the Grandmother Party. By the time my 30th high school reunion rolled around, I was one of the few in my entire class who didn't have a grandchild. I was amazed that one of my classmates already had six – at 48 years old. But then again, she did have two sets of twins.

My youngest child was the first to marry, followed six months later by my oldest child. Only the middle child remains in a content state of solitude.

I told both the older and the younger there was no need to rush into parenthood – they were young and had plenty of time.

They didn't listen.

Andi Caroline came along about 20 months  after the wedding. From the minute I laid eyes on her wee little self, I was transformed into one of those people whose sanity I had always questioned – the doting Gram who  really doesn't care if you want to see her latest picture, because by golly, she's the cutest thing ever born and you will look at it.

Friends on social media can attest to my dotage – every third Facebook post is a picture of my little monkey. At least once a month I try to get to Georgia to see her and when I leave, there are always tears blinked away because I know in a month she will be a different baby.

And now my oldest, my only daughter, is set to deliver any day. 

For the most part it's been an easy pregnancy.  There have been two occasions where we thought the baby was coming early. After much prayer, the baby settled down and now Allison is entering her 38th week, but the doctor says the baby can come at any time.

We know it's a girl. And from the 3D ultrasounds, we think she is a good combination of both her parents.

And she has a name –Piper Rae.

The fact that I, the one who did not want – crave – to be a grandmother will soon have two granddaughters is astounding.

It is all I think about. And with each thought is such amazing joy that even I am amazed at my transformation.

Andi and Piper. They are my future, my legacy.

When Piper makes her debut, I will be there the first two weeks of her life. 

In the quiet of the night when everyone is sleeping, I will be there holding her, marveling in the wonder that is life and still asking myself, what did I do to deserve this?

Fair warning: Then I'll start the Facebook uploads.