Grocery store employee's honesty is impressive

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To the editor :

I would like to give a young man public thanks.

When I left the Williston Winn Dixie Wednesday, I left my wallet and smartphone in the cart. By the time I realized it and got back, the cart was there, but no stuff in it. 

I saw a Winn Dixie employee in the lot and told him what I had done. He said “They are in customer service.”

 I asked “Someone turned them in?” 

He said “I found them in that cart right there.”

I asked “You turned them in?” 

He said “Yes, sir.” 

I got my things from customer service, everything was still in my wallet just like I had left it. I found him back in the lot. I tried four or five times to give him a reward from the cash that hadn’t been touched in my wallet. He would not take it. Even when I said please. He kept saying, “No, sir, it’s yours, you keep it.” 

I am glad to see there are some parents that are still doing their job, and raising good young people. Also that there are some young people who decide right from wrong when no one is looking and no one would know.

 I will not mention the young man’s name to protect his privacy. But if this kind of behavior means to you what it does to me and you are ever in that store please let the manager know that you read this and agree with me that this young man should be rewarded.

Raymond Chandler