Excitement was contagious

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor


It's been a  rough baseball season here at the Williston Pioneer. Our sports writer quit and despite advertisements, Facebook pleadings and discussions with teachers and students alike, no one came forward to do the job.

As the regular season drew to a close and the Red Devils were on fire, Steve Jarboe, our long-time freelance writer came out of retirement to see the team through the tournaments.

Districts and regionals came and went and the Red Devils were still proving their mettle. 

I was dismayed to learn the state tournament covered a Monday and Tuesday. 

With no way to leave my post, I manned Facebook relying on people who were at the game–and Mr. Jarboe–to keep me posted so I could let fans back home informed.

I rushed to the office from the city council meeting Tuesday night and turned eyes and ears to radio, internet, telephone and social media. And I updated on Facebook and our website as outs were made and bases were loaded.

When it got down to the wire, and Williston scored: two, three, four runs my Facebook page went crazy.

I couldn't keep up with the literally hundreds of fans who were clamoring for more information.

They were from across the state, shoot, they were from across the nation, like David Albritton in Oregon. Alumni, former teachers, past residents. All wanting to know what was going on and depending on me to keep them in the loop on how their Red Devils were doing.

When the last out was made, I simply posted a a big red one on the page and people went crazy!

Hundreds, literally hundreds were sharing the photo and all celebrating the victory as much as if they were in Ft. Myers with the team.

The excitement was contagious and went on for hours.

Everyone is proud of this team and everyone shares this victory just as if they were on the team themselves.

That's small town living. That's Williston.

And I am so proud I was there to share it with them.