Disappointed for our heroes

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Perhaps not since 9/11 has our call to patriotism been louder than it is now in the troubling times we live.

From taking knees to honoring families of those killed in action, daily we're reminded of what sacrifice and patriotism mean.

For three weeks, this newspaper promoted a free service to honor our nation's veterans. All anyone had to do was submit a photo and a few words about the veteran for them to be showcased in this edition.

Sadly, few of you took the opportunity.

It's reminiscent of how stagnant the thought of a veterans' memorial became three years ago.

It wasn't until David Wilson, himself a veteran, told city leaders how disappointed and embarrassed he was that the city he calls home had no tribute to those who sacrificed for them.

We agree.

Today, we're disappointed for those men and women – the real heroes among us – who signed a pledge committing their very lives to the greater good of this country.

We're disappointed that family members and friends never never took five minutes to publicly honor them and what they chose to do for us.

We're disappointed that despite selling 600 plus bricks for the future memorial, only a handful chose to put a picture with the name in this week's edition.

Our servicemen and women deserve better and it should be we civilians who take the time to say "Thank you" every chance we get.

Veterans Day is but one day to do just that.

Thank a veteran and show your support Saturday when the parade comes to Williston.

Because thank you just isn't enough.